Many Ladies Like This Style Black And White

Stylish Motifs : Geometric Nails Art

Another unusual trend worn this summer and that the various geometric shapes. It is a good suggestion for you if you currently have no idea how to refresh your look and add a note of ultra modern style. Fashion scene certainly popularize this manicure that also fits with the clothes you like.

Jewelry On The  Nails

Jewelry For Your Nails

Coming new fashion trend in the fashion world abounds. Imaginative experts now force the jewelry but on the nails. Big stars already tried and delighted many of his fans with this interesting fashion accessory. The best is that the jewelry on nails can be successfully combined with the clothes.

You Have to try This Manicure

Fashion Magnetic Nail Polish

Another hit of the season is the magnetic nail polish. If you are attracted 3d manicure, then this is a good recommendation for you. So this is an option for all daring and courageous ladies who want their manicure clearly show who they are and what they love. In addition to being trendy and modern ladies will love it

This Is Fuzzy Manicure Extravagant

Summer Adorable Fuzzy Manicure

So many kinds of manicure is popular with the ladies that you simply need to decide for some but we are not always able to bring a quick decision. If you often want a popular, stylish and glamorous manicure then choose the “fuzzy”. Certainly is a good choice because it will make your nails look like feathers. It certainly can not go unnoticed

Trendy Manicure

2013 Season The Most Popular Manicure

We entered the second half of the year and now let’s make a summary and see what the ladies wore most of the flight. There were white, cream, pink shades and metallics. Fashion experts say that this trend will continue until the end of this year.

Glossfinity Collection

2013 I Sugest Max Factor Glossfinity

Here’s my proposal for this summer ,it is nail polish collection of Max Factor Glossfinity. To make your nails look great this summer be sure to try the wonderful new three colors that will surely modernise you look and are extremely durable and provide an extremely high gloss ….

What An Excellent Combination

Nokia Designed Nail Polish

Known companies hired dozens of experts in order to better promote their brands. It is done this time by Nokia. To promote its new LUMIA 900 launched nail polish in the same pink color. Wonderful combination that has to give a good effect. What do you say to this new combination of pink Nokia and Nokia Nail Polish Pink? Worth a try ……

Wen Jian Long Nails

Hot Nail News : Long Nails To Prevent Fighting

To calm his temper because he was often in trouble louched this Chinaman to release nails. Indeed, the structure of whole nail is 35cm long. In addition, making it impossible for himself to be aggressive and continue to solve this major problem .But besides, he made good marketing, and how – read below

Recover Nails To Look Nice

Healthy Food Strong Nails

We all want to have strong and healthy nails for nails that look bad are not attractive to anyone. To recover as soon as posible your nails and your whole body take care of nutrition and vitamins that are essential for their care. We give you a few more useful tips and start to apply them today

Autumn Colors

2013 Popular Fall Color

We follow the fashion styles of nail art and so we follow and what will be in the forthcoming autumn popular. Fact that the color on your nails will be mostly worn by fashion expert assessment. In their view the greige, metallic, gold, red and black this season will be the most worn on nails. The trend Should Be fit but especially take into account the color complexion and a very nail and combine them with the dressing. So then we see that we will be Evaluated at the end of 2013…

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