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Have you ever thought of how to make nail polish? Perhaps acting complicated but believe me it is not. To make your fancy nail polish you need a shadow to the eyes, the colorless nail polish and 1 toothpick. Experiment with colors and shadows, and so do something unique, something that can not be obtained in any perfumery. Go on this adventure in just 3 steps and it is very fast over.

This is a great little project, especially useful in a “minute to 12″ when the store to go to the course, and you realize that you just missing the nuance of light that would be a perfect match with the new shoes. Become a master of your own! It takes 3 steps.

Necessary Things1

Necessary Things

Do Yourself

Do Yourself

Step 1

Select the shadow color you want, remove and crumble knife. You can combine two or more shadows to the unusual color. In addition, you have available and shadows with sequins and pearl sheen, and if you want to achieve a matte look, then crumbled shadows Mix with a little corn starch. Feel free to let your imagination run wild! You can also combine the three different paint or clear nail polish only add sequins.

Step 2

Once you turn them into powder, make a small hopper of paper and pour in the shadow nail polish. (Keep in mind that you will have to put little bit light to any place and for powder).

Step 3

Thus unified mixture Mix toothpick.

Close easy, shake it well and is ready to apply…

Extra Shadow

Extra Shadow

Make Your Own Combination

Make Your Own Combination

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